How I Leveled Up and Turned Years Music Knowledge into a Home-Based 
Music Business (& how you can too)

What will a Mastermind do for YOU? 

I just feel like I've gotten far more out of it than not that I expected but then that I guess I thought I would going in…it just opened my mind. 

Brian Belonzi 

"This was down to earth. ... there's so much that I've learned... 

I think that's that's this has helped me really kind of go from like the semi-pro. up to like, okay, no, okay, I'm sitting at the table now. "

Bob Stratchan 

"Oh, gosh, I went from this lack-mentality of gotta go gotta go after this and be resentful if it doesn't work out to. …every everything has tumbled from saying yes, and to being positive."


"I needed to say yes to it,… I knew that there's a piece of my life that was that was going to be left by the wayside if I didn't nurture the music side.

...I [already] miss it, and now I feel like you've given us a whole lot of inspiration and kind of like the yellow brick road to go down."

Sara Jelley 
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